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Introducing the RxHydrate Elixir, the ultimate solution for replenishing and revitalizing your body.


Infused with the refreshing essence of lemon, this elixir provides a burst of citrusy flavor while boosting the immune system and delivering essential hydration.


The addition of ginger adds a gentle warmth to the elixir, soothing and calming the senses, as it also acts as a digestive and anti-inflammatory agent.


With the inclusion of Pink Himalayan salt, iodized salt, and baking soda, this elixir provides a balanced blend of minerals to support optimal hydration and rehydration.


To top it off, Shilajeet, a powerful mineral-rich Ayurvedic substance, aides in energy, and enhances the elixir's rehydration properties, making it the perfect choice for wellness and revitalization.


Say goodbye to dehydration and hello to the feeling of vitality with RxHydrate Elixir.

RxHydrate Elixir

  • No returns or refunds.

  • S&H will be determined based on the destination address.

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