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A Shot in the Dark or a Shot of High Dose IV Vitamin C?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

With an increase in the number of individuals with the flu, the lack of effectiveness of the flu vaccine, and the several limitations on antiviral treatment offered—many are left with little to no sources for treatment of this nasty bug.

While a cold, even the flu, can be a “good” thing for the body to strengthen its immune system- it is imperative to have a toolbox of things one can do to ward off and/or prevent being taken down by the flu.

The CDC reports that they never know what type of viral strain will be present during flu season, thereby often rendering the flu vaccine a shot in the dark.

One treatment to highlight to fight the bug is that of high dose intravenous vitamin C. Vitamin C may seem like a common ingredient for immune support and is often overlooked for various reasons; with the use of IV vitamin C, we are able to intake larger doses without serious side effects while allowing for increased support to the immune system via direct entry to the bloodstream.

High dose IV vitamin C therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms of the common cold and flu by 85% in a study of 715 people. IV vitamin C can be taken before and during cold/flu symptoms, unlike Tamiflu, a common over-the-counter drug suggested to only be used at the onset of flu symptoms.

This is definitely my go-to when I start to feel cold or flu-like symptoms.


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