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FDA-Cleared SkinPen.


Minimally invasive treatment to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Minimal downtime. 

Prior to beginning treatment, the area is numbed with medical grade topical anesthetic. Using microscopic needles, multiple micro-injuries are produced using varying depths to allow for skin stimulation enabling increased skin turnover, collagen production and rejuvenation. Our treatments are infused with hyaluronic acid or PRP- platelet rich plasma for enhanced results. Post treatment, clients may feel as if they have a moderate sunburn, the skin may feel warm and tight for about 24 hours.

In-depth Pre and Post Care Instructions will be provided during the initial complementary consultation. 

We take an inside-out approach to skin regeneration and would love to book a Free 15-minute Discovery Call with you! Find out about our inside-out, root cause skincare treatment plans today!

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